Just me, myself and I – St Jean to Valcarlos

Maybe it’s because of San Fermin, maybe it’s because everyone is waiting for the Holy year or maybe it’s the way I smell, but I have encountered 0 pilgrims and 0 Alberge keepers so far on my Camino. What happened to all those tourists at St Jean? Chances are they didn’t take the whoosie route I took this morning via Arnegay to Valcarlos but took the Napoleon Route via Orisson straight up to Roncevalles.

The route itself is very easy, except for the last couple of Kms that are up a steep hill into Valcarlos itself. I walked about 12 Kms today, into Spain, back into France and then back into Spain again. With no wrong turns, two coffee stops and a delicious breakfast at the small mall you pass at about half way.

The weather is dry and graciously cool. I have one foot issue that Ive got from wearing my sandals but it gives me the chance to break into the compeed and feel better about the portable pharmacy I am carrying.

Im showered, clothes are washed and Im enjoying a San Miguel, alone, outside the Alberge. #all by myself…#

Today was just a pleasant walk, tomorrow begins the very steep 15k incline to Roncevalles. Im not booked in there, but into another town 6km further down the road. I may regret that tomorrow, but at least I don’t have to worry about fighting for beds. That is, if anyone else is actually doing the Camino this year.

Bottom bunk baggied. Hope someone else turns up soon….


Minutes spent in the now: 4

Calories consumed: 300 but it’s only 2pm (Ok – edit – menu del dia at Benta Azkena at 4pm makes 2000 for sure, highly recommend 12.50€ for all below).

 Injuries Inflicted: Physically 0 – apart from the toe thing. But mentally upset by the chained up dogs and one sheep in particular who kept bleating ‘heeeeelp meee’. Poor wee lamb.

Grateful for: Bottom bunk – Easy Start

Anticipation levels for tomorrow: To paraphrase the late, great crocodile Dundee: ‘that’s not a hill, that’s a hill’

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