Short & sweet – Pamplona to Zaraquigui- Day 5

As I sit with my 4th cana, watching the spanish family who arrived after me complete a series of yoga poses and stretches, I realise just how awesome and incredible my genes must be! It’s 100k down today and apart from a blister on the left foot I’m (touch wood) feeling pretty fit and healthy… If a little drunk.

Im sharing a room today with the Spanish family, a German and an American girl, both of whom are younger and both of whom seem to have nagging knee injuries. Today I am a very grateful pilgrim, firstly for the cool beers but more so for ease at which my body is coping with the daily stress of life on the camino.


To be fair, today was a shorty, 12 clicks from the University of Navarre to Zaraquigui. 

Walking past sports stadiums, the suburbs of Pamplona and then thru the University grounds, I was relieved to pick up the pilgrim trail an hour into today’s walk. Walking through the suburbs of Pamplona alone has been the low point of my camino so far.

The first stop on today’s walk was Cizur Menor, a small town of a couple of hundreds people with just the one shop open providing my breakfast of bread roll and chorizo.

The next few miles were beautiful, field upon field of hay bales providing some of my favourite scenery, and the best snaps so far, of my camino. Looking back over your shoulder the pilgrim is rewarded with top notch views over Pamplona.

It’s a fairly steep ascent for the last 30 minutes into Zaraquigui, but after the Pyrenees, it’s a walk in the park for camino legs.

There are two hostels in Zaraquigui, Im in one with dorms that look like above. There’s a church here too but little else.

Tomorrow it’s the peak of this particular hill with a large iron statue to the pilgrims atop, then onto Puente la Reina. I was finished today by 12 – my feet are grateful for the rest but the mind wants to continue. Not much to do here to kill 8 hours, maybe the Spanish family will teach me how to stretch properly. Maybe not. Looks like there’s nothing much to do except get on with the drinking and hit the hay.
Very glad to be out of the city and among my fellow pilgrims once more.

These lockers are too thin for even the smallest bag. Why God why?

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