Wrecked – Estella to Los Arcos

Another 5.30 start and a marching pace to Los Arcos in order to beat the mid-day, mid-July fierce Spanish summer sun.

 Today I had a walking partner, Jana from Chicago, she’s 22 and a fan of cross-fit, the exercise that encourages you to work out as hard as you can till you throw up. How was I able to keep a pace with Jana? Unfortunately she has a badly blistered toe which is slowing her down and very painful, this levelled the field a little, but she was still fast and we covered the 23k, hill too in around 5-6 hours. It was nice to walk with someone and the day passed very quickly but tomorrow I will continue with walking alone.

I finally have a niggly injury of my own. The tendon on my right ankle keeps making a funny noise and is not happy on the steep descents. So rather than push to Logrono tomorrow I’ll stop in Viana for a shorter 20k day.

 Today’s walk was very beautiful and all kinds of adventures and mis-steps ensued but Im just too exhausted to write a long post today but hopefully the pictures, especially of the nice albergue, will be a good reminder

Wrecked in Los Arcos

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