Que significa? – Los Arcos to Logrono

What is the significance of the dog laid in the road next to an aggressive goat? What could be the meaning of the fallen scarecrow in a recently harvested wheat field?

Every pilgrim I pass tells me how the the camino will change my life, that the first 14 days are about the body (no shit!) the next 14 the mind and the remaining 14, the soul! Looks like the soul lucks out on most camino journeys as they only last 33 days, but Im sure I can string this out to 42 for the good of my soul!

Walking again with Jana today we discussed how the camino, while undoubtedly laden with significance and lessons, is a road to torture those with a philosophical nature trying desperately to stay in the present.

Neither of us were present enough at 2pm to realise we were both burning our legs to a crisp on Tarmac so hot you could surely have fried an egg. Not present enough to know just how far away we were from Logrono, when, close to exhaustion and believing the wine city to be over the crest, the sign signalled a defeating 4km.

Today was pretty tough, 5.30 rise for breakfast in Sansol. Up over the ridge into Torres del Rio to turn the wrong way at the church and walk right through the village before realising I was on the wrong path. And BTW, just because a person is wearing a backpack and walking along a section of the camino doesn’t mean they are a pilgrim! I followed a couple with backpacks right to the bus station who were actually headed to a rock festival. I wasn’t present enough then either.
In my error, by following the rockers, I managed to drag along another poor misguided pilgrim, a 62 year old lady from Norway who was following me following them. We laughed about the mistake (I was seething! Idiot rock kids) and made our way back up to the church. I could not keep pace with this 62yo woman as she raced up the hills, I walked with her for 3kms but had to give up. As she raced on past me and up another hill she passed Jana who was walking more my speed. I caught up to her and we walked the 10km together into Viana for a 2 hour lazy lunch.

 The last 10k into Logrono were pretty torturous. I have blisters now at my heels but they were not giving me the trouble. Now I had aching all down the back of my legs and was a bit perturbed by this new pain until the raised lumps of sunburn began to show themselves.

I’m sunburnt even now, it’s nice, it takes my attention away from the aching feet for once. However, I won’t be burning them again. Walking the camino you are always walking west so it’s crucial to slather the back of your neck and legs with lotion.

32k today is my longest day, quite foolish after developing the tendon problem, I’ve promised myself a short day to Ventosa tomorrow. Today is a festival in Logrono so we’re off out to party like pilgrims and be back in our bunks by 10pm! Where did those rock kids go again?

 Thunderstorms in Logrono this evening and due to repeat at 2pm tomorrow. Sunburn has been downgraded to heat rash. I’ll have to keep off the Tarmac from 1-4pm

One thought on “Que significa? – Los Arcos to Logrono

  1. oh heck, what can I say, sorry about your rashy legs – I won’t nag. just a bit concerned about the black horn growing out of the side of your head – is it the devil in you? xxxxx


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