Turtle – Logrono to Navarette

 You know, I’ve slotted into this life as a travelling hobo/bum rather well. No work, no cooking, no worries, stresses or strains, except in the legs and everything I’d ever need attached to my back. My favourite show as a child was the littlest hobo and now to become one is a dream come true! The rows and columns of excel spreadsheets have finally fallen from my eyes and the simple life of walk, eat, sleep is such a joy I am considering walking back home (half jokingly) after Finisterre.

 However, today, on the walk, I felt like a frustrated jockey upon an old stubborn mule. After 10 days of racing around the camino with 32k days, my strained ankle, puffed up and clicky, has now decided the pace. The pace of a subdued but optimistic turtle. No matter how much my mind pushed and pushed today, my body had a higher intelligence and ploughed on thoughtfully and carefully km after km telling me to occupy myself with something else. So, the going was slow. And to further protect my ankle I stopped today at Navarrete, another town to grow up on the camino in the first part of the last millennium.

 Im staying at the very very (very) good La Casa del Peregrino. The albergue has facilities you may take for granted, like showers with a bit of space to put your kit, a sink especially made for washing clothes and pillowcases! God do I love pillowcases. There’s nothing worse than getting to the albergue and having to sleep on plastic sheets like an incontinent. Especially in the summer. We’ve also got a cat who has a 40 day old kitten. I may steal her.

 The walk today was pretty easy in both distance and elevation with the first 6k of it taking place in the city park of Logrono and the second 6k alongside the motorway, but separated by wire mesh. Wherever there is some wire mesh the pilgrims line the route with crosses, I think about adding my own but so far I can’t be bothered to bend down. Plenty of time yet.

 The only negative of today’s walk was the difficulty in finding the route, so few signs today meant pilgrims created their own in order to assist bewildered compadres.

  The town of Navarette has a spectacular church and I was lucky enough to arrive in time for mass on Sunday.

There’s a few good place to eat with pilgrim menus from 8-15€. My lunch of beans, chicken and profiteroles hit the spot. Dinner is provided by the hospitalero this evening is salad and pasta, he forewarned me that there is only me and 4 french people tonight and did I still want to eat? Mais Oui, Porquoi Pas! Now I finally have a chance to use jabite dans une petite ville dans la nord-oueste de l’angleterre, it’s no longer true! Zut Alors!

Tomorrow I really must get to Najera or I’ll never get to Burgos for Friday. So it’s up early again tomorrow, pray lord, no snorers c’est soir.

One thought on “Turtle – Logrono to Navarette

  1. I love your pictures, not just the scenery but the goats and cats and the crosses on the wire. Take it easy tomorrow and wherever you stay I hope you enjoy it. Mum and Dad xxxxxx


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