Turtle Plus – Navarette to Najera

Would you consider it polite or impolite to set your alarm for 5.10 in a crowded albergue, let it ring for several seconds before turning it off then clattering down the hallway and hogging the bathroom for 15 minutes? Personally, I lean toward impolite.

 But, as we’re now all awake and all muttering about the naughty alarm-setting German manchild, the whole albergue got underway walking from 5.30 this morning. As my ankle is still a bit dodgy I set out only to reach Najere  (17k distance) and did so by 11.10, a good 50 minutes before the albergue here, the Puente de Najara, even opened.

Today I walked with a French horse trainer named Carolyn, I know her age but I shall not share it. We discussed the typical things the French like to discuss with the English, like why we do not generally like one another and how disgusting the food is in England and how high the taxes are in France. We got on so well she offered me a job at her riding school as an English teacher. I did not tell her that I am scared of horses (and a little scared of the French). So, I guess I won’t be taking the job.

 The walk today was another beautiful stroll among vineyards via Ventosa to the riverside, pilgrim town of Najere. Here are some photos. Few hills, few kms and few challenges on this stretch of the camino. All the talk now is of the Meseta, the endless stretches ahead of us that span featureless semi-desert where no fountains spring forth for 20kms at a time. Santiago dipped under 600k distance today and we’ve now walked over 200k. My maths makes that 25% completion of El Camino. Yay me.

 It’s 36 degrees so time for a snooze before exploring the town after 5pm. Everything here in Najere is shut from 2pm-5pm anyway so, while in Spain… Zzz

 Today I saw this beer/fire truck pumping beer into a pub!

Grateful today for this fabo park with trees providing plenty ‘o shade from which to write this here blog.

One thought on “Turtle Plus – Navarette to Najera

  1. another lovely blog. A little short-sighted I feel not to take the job at the stables, you’d soon get to like the horses and maybe even the French! xxx


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