That took… Belorado to Ages

I’m knackered! And blistered! And a bit tipsy. So I’m afraid no long post today on account of the hills and distance (30k) but a lot of photos to give you an idea of the 3 peaks towards San Juan.

Today was a great day for playing with wildlife. Kittens, Robins and baby cows were out in force to cheer me on when the blisters were making my finishing the day questionable.

This was one of the most beautiful stretches of the camino so far and a treat to walk. Tomorrows walk through the outskirts of Burgos will be tough.

Tonight I’ll eat with my American and French friends at the Albergue El Pajar de Ages where we’re staying overnight and tomorrow finish the 20k to Burgos where a rest and rubdown await. Once again I’ll have to part ways with my camino family and this time face the challenges of walking with a friend.


This is the section over the hills to San Juan. Yes, that photo is of a descent and that white line IS the accent up the other side. Once above the mist we entered a pine forest in beautiful sunshine. Then – hello pain.


One thought on “That took… Belorado to Ages

  1. Looks more like the Pennine Way than Spain in some of the pics. Loved the little bird, so cute and some lovely photos of the countryside. Sorry about the blisters, hope you make it to Burgos tomorrow, Mum xxxxx


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