Blistered in Burgos – Ages to Burgos

Why did the chicken…
Today’s walk started on blistered feet up a stone path into Atapuerca and then on past a large military base before descending down another stone path to the outskirts of Burgos. By the 10k mark my feet were in agony and I swapped out my insoles again, the larger insoles seemed to make things worse so, realising my shoes simply were too small for me and this was causing the new blisters, I ripped out even the natural insoles of the shoes and walked on the bare bottoms of the shoes for another 5k. That also hurt. So, I decided to ditch the shoes completely at a cafe on the outskirts of Burgos and walk in my 5€ flipflops. This was a vast improvement. But now I am shoe-less.

So tomorrow’s day off will centre around the hunt for new shoes and sorting out the barnet & the blisters.

A woman I know from Barcelona has joined me on the second half of the pilgrimage to Santiago. She has been walking around Burgos with me slightly agog. Not just because Burgos is a beautiful city, but because people keep shouting out my name in different parts of the city and high fiving me. Being on Camino is like being the Fonz!


Atapuerca deserves a special mention. I flew through it today but it holds an extraordinary claim to fame.

‘The caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca contain a rich fossil record of the earliest human beings in Europe, from nearly one million years ago and extending up to the Common Era. They represent an exceptional reserve of data, the scientific study of which provides priceless information about the appearance and the way of life of these remote human ancestors.’

It’s quite something to imagine walking in the exact footsteps of some of the earliest humans, imaging how the communicated, how the formed social groups, how they survived the cold Meseta evenings. Bet they had less blisters than me.

This is Burgos. Tomorrow will explore and find an Alberge for the night.


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