Who’s a pretty boy then? Leon to Villavante

 I learnt nothing today! However, I did get to put into practise a lesson I learnt when I was four years old which is ‘never put your fingers in a parrots cage’. My neglectful father left me alone with a parrot at this tender age and I was savaged to the point of hospitalisation. Coco, the parrot at our Albergue (and?) didn’t get the chance to attack me today (so far) but I could tell he was gearing up for a good pecking.

Today’s walk from Leon to Villavante was completed, with Clarisa in tow, in a record 7 hours (for circa 30k) and sets us up nicely for a lunchtime arrival in Astorga tomorrow. Today was all about Clarisa setting PBs, smashing the screen on her new iPhone 6 and getting her own lesson in patience as we played ‘name that tune’ for two and a half hours. I found that terrific fun although the only Spanish song I could recognise was the Macarena and apparently the Lambada is not even Spanish and is insulting to insist that it is! Who knew?!

Not much to report today other than recommending this albergue, the Santa Lucia and taking some OK pictures. Tomorrow looks hilly and after Astorga we get into the fun bit, magical mountains and pilgrim priced pulpo.

 Happy Birthday Babricorn. This sign remind me of you x

One thought on “Who’s a pretty boy then? Leon to Villavante

  1. thanks Sarah, what is it about the picture that reminds you of me? I can’t see it. Is it the cross-eyed dopey look? Mumxx


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