Santiago>Finisterre>London – Don’t let your blisters make decisions!

It’s the Sunday evening before my working week begins and the last official day of my ‘holiday’. Reading back through my post of last Sunday it’s clear my decisions and comments were emanating directly out of my blisters. Had I waited in Santiago another day, taken a rest day which was overdue after 10 solid days of walking, I may have made the decision to walk to Finisterre after all. And while I am done with the Frances I’d caveat that by saying I’m done with the challenges this walk has to offer in this format, that is to say walking (running the Frances is a new challenge!) the Frances (Puy en Velay or Portuguese look good) alone (I’d happily take family/friends).

All that being said, I had a relaxing time in Finisterre. The terrible reviews of the hotel were completely unfounded, the only issue I had on staying there was the dozen or so mosquito bites I got but I can’t really blame the hotel for this! The town of Finisterre is fairly run down comparing to the other towns on this coast you pass through on the bus ride to Santiago de Compostella but there was a down at heel charm I appreciated! The air and the people were salty, I don’t think I heard the word puta/joder more times in 4 years in Barcelona than 4 days in Finisterre (not directed at me!). The locals seem to throw swear words into every sentence however seemingly without malice! The town is exceptionally friendly and it’s the kind of place where people just leave their front doors wide open – you’ll experience this for yourself if visiting in summer.

I spent most of my time in Finisterre visiting the beach and the faro, both beautiful and tranquil in different ways and listening to Eckhart Tolle on the Audible app. I read the Power of Now 10 years ago and read it cover to cover several time but haven’t picked it up, or a New Earth, in about 7 years and hearing them again really helped in not allowing to project myself into the future of stressing about returning to work. That’s what Sunday nights are for!

I just can’t believe I was in Santiago two days ago, this trip has felt incredibly long and amazingly short at the same time. The blisters have already healed and I worked out that if I took out the insoles the toe boxes of my Merrills were bigger. I’ll need to walk another few 20k days to work out if they are ok or if I need to switch into Keens at some point which are famous for their wide toe boxes.

So what now?

Well my last post spoke in outlines terms about some of the things I’d like to do including get fit, sql, drive, learn Spanish and dress better.

My workplace have a discounted membership at Fitness First across the road from my office that I have enquired to join and will visit tomorrow. I’ve also downloaded the couch25k app which is an app for those who want to start running (I can’t run for 30 seconds without passing out currently). It says that within 8 weeks or 24 workouts you will be able to run 5k without stopping based on this training app! That’s worth a go! As I said, I can’t walk for fitness as I don’t have the time required but I could run for fitness and I didn’t say anything about not one day running the camino! That’s an effort for charity and a lofty goal – I do like a lofty goal – especially one broken up into daily chunks (which is obvs how anything is done – if the Camino teaches you anything it teaches everyone that!)

Spanish – the impetus to keep learning Spanish is fading due to having a French girlfriend and feeling I should be learning French if anything – but I’ll stick with this and carry on with Duolingo learning on the train each morning and evening on the way to work.

SQL – this is another thing I intend to brush up on after work but still at the office!

Dress Better – I’m off to Westfield on Tuesday.

Although this camino was by far the most misery making due to shin splints, blisters and driving rain it still worked its magic in helping me prioritise my life and I am already missing the daily walking, I miss the churches most of all, speaking of which the church in Finisterre is beautiful and not to be missed possessing also the Christ of the Golden Beard as well as a unique exterior design.

In 12 hours time I’ll be sat at my desk once again. A lesson I missed from Eckhart Tolle was that in acceptance and finding joy in what you do. I may not be able to change what I do currently, I feel sure it’s not my calling but I also don’t have a clue what is, I would do far better accepting it and honouring it and giving it my fullest attention than making a mental enemy out of it. So while there are 4/5 things I can actively do to improve my life there are some things I just don’t have figured out – and that’s fine, if I can keep my approach to those things positive, do my best, ‘just do right’ and see what opportunities life brings.

Buen Camino for 2017

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