Day 5 – Ancora to Vila Nova de Cerveira


With signs like these – it’s a wonder anyone ever arrives at their destination on the Portuguese Camino. I’m not sure if the local governments responsible for the Camino in their area are vying for pilgrim trade or trying to confuse Napoleon’s armies. The net result in the albergues though is heated debate over which route was the right route. I’ve no idea. But I am in a nice, clean Albergue in a beautiful town that looks as Galician as any I’ve ever seen.


The day began in the drizzle so I opened up my brand new Trespass backpack cover for the first time, placed it snugly over my backpack, pulled the drawstrings and the mechanism to lock it broke off in my hand. This wasn’t going to be the only sad event of the day as poor old England went crashing out of the World Cup.


Onto happier things!

The towns of Caminha and Seixas, the next two towns along the way are beautiful and Siexas was having its Saints Day of St Bento when I walked through the town. There was a fair, music, church service, fireworks and procession. A kindly older Dutch peregrina, who now lives in Seixas, told me all about the event before I arrived while I was having a coffee outside the town. Had she not, I’d have missed it! I love it when people are kind out of nowhere 🙂

This is the town I’m in now – below.

I’m too depressed to write anymore. I’m as depressed as this photo.


You know what’s would have been worse? Losing to France in the final.

Tomorrow I cross the border into Spain. I blame Portugal for this.







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