Day 7 – Tui to Mos!


A day without pain! I decided to take more breaks and for longer today and it paid off as I managed to walk 25kms with no pain. This may have left me a little ambitious for tomorrow as to get to Pontevedra we need to walk 30kms over three large hills! As my hotel in a Pontevedra doesn’t accept check ins until 4pm it seems like keeping to this strategy is the way forward.

I left Tui at 6am and began the walk to Mos. The signposts out of Tui were pretty poor and I ended up taking a few wrong turns but in the end managed to exit the city in a timely fashion!

Today there were plenty of cafes and r st stops along the way which made me very happy. Before Porrino, the major town of today, was a huge park and the walking was mostly flat.

After Porrino the ascents began but due to  my blister care and thigh strain management I managed to finish in Mos pretty fresh in the heat of the mid day around 2pm.

Tomorrow is a massive day so I’ll need to leave at 6 to get ahead of the heat. If I manage to get to Pontevedra then I’m back on track for my original plan of walking to Muxia.


Fingers Crossed!


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