Day 9 – Pontevedra to Caldes de Reis

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! For I’ve finally worked out a simple mantra that I think will work out great (for my life at least). It’s taken what? 100 total days of walking to get to this simple conclusion. These three simple rules, if properly and readily combined, would go a long way to stopping the constant drilling (THATS why all the bagpipes!) in my mind and self-made problems in my life. Now I’ve put them in order, but they’re kinda cyclical anyway and they go like this…

1) Be grateful for what you have!

2) Shut your yap!

3) Do the right thing!

I worked this out on a very painful day where the toe blister was pumping hot! I tried everything, fresh plasters, changing socks, draining the blister and you know what finally worked to stop it sending pain up through my leg directly into my brain? Taking the plaster off. And just walking. That doesn’t relate to the new mantra, I just thought it was kinda funny. If I hadn’t strangled my toes with the plaster from the beginning I doubt it would have reached it swollen size.

Anyway, today’s walk was mercifully short and flat (22kms) and honestly… I’m bored now. I think I go on these epic walks to punish myself a bit. So I can remember what I keep forgetting in the fast paced world of online marketing. Chillax Sarah, your toe is not falling off and that chair is very comfy. Grateful! And now I’m going to shut my yap because today I saw the cutest kittens!


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