Hospital de Orbigo to Foncebadon…eh?

I switched roads!

My intention was to go to Lugo after languishing in my sick bed in Oviedo for 3 days but after 2 hours on the bus next to a snoring spanish senor I decided enough was enough and hopped out of the bus at Hospital de Orbigo. Had I gone to Lugo it would have taken another 3 hours and I just don’t have that kind of patience as anyone who reads this blog already knows.

I’m still a bit under the weather but all things considered holding up fairly well.

Despite having walked this section now 4 times I managed to get lost twice yesterday on the way to Astorga and once again followed the advice of a local who was clearly hell-bent on ruining my day! Despite the detours the familiar road and less steep inclines than the Primitivo has been a welcome change. I do like to repeat things I enjoy and wear them out, I wonder if I will ever bore of the Camino? Matters will soon be taken out of my hands 🙂

Astorga is a fine town of historical importance (look it up!). Photos above.

Although here I encountered my first ever example of pilgrim prejudice when I was asked to move away from the front of a restaurant – clearly cos I was making the place look untidy! Locals came in and took up these spots as I ate my salad in silent wonder.

I stayed at the Hotel Gaudi last night in Astorga which is like an echo chamber! Thank goodness for the earplugs! Otherwise it was clean and friendly and they didn’t bat an eyelid when I ran off with the only hairdryer for an hour to blow dry my pants and undergarment dry after having them in the bath with me. This is how I roll!

Today’s walk from Astorga to Foncebadon was smooth sailing until Rabanel del Camino when I got a blister at my heel. Threading it with a needle and applying Iodine it stung like a bugger and troubled me the 6k into Foncebadon but nothing to speak of compared to other such blisters.

I miscalculated my kms slightly when I hotfooted off the bus at Hospital de Orbigo – it was 275kms and not 250kms which means I need to walk slightly longer days but better to figure that out today and add a couple of kms per day than be 40kms from Santiago with a day to go.

Tomorrow I need to do some proper washing cos my hand washing is like a farmers sheep dip and fit for nothing so I stink. Molinaseca then is my destination 20kms away up hill to Cruz de Ferro and down all the way to the lovely river town. I’m booked in at MR Bear – Senor Oso hostel which sounds sweet and cuddly!

As the last pilgrim into this Albergue today before the completo sign went up I got the top bunk. Saying Hola to my Spanish bunkie she asked me ‘de donde ères?’ to which I replied ‘Londres’ to which she replied ‘No’. Just ‘No’! So I’ve gone and sat outside. As I’m such a good pilgrim I’ve treated myself to a Magnum.

It was well tasty. That’s all folks.

One thought on “Hospital de Orbigo to Foncebadon…eh?

  1. Love the blog, especially the photos. Love the blue, blue sky. We have 50 shades of grey here. The sky!! Perhaps you misunderstood the Spanish lady, maybe she asked if you wanted to swap bunks? Hope your feet hold up ok tomorrow. Have a good walk.xxxxx


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