The case for Molinaseca

I could write about the walk from Foncebadon to Molinaseca, about what time I got up, had my breakfast, threaded my blisters and burnt my calves walking ever westward, but what’s the point? You can go back through this stage on any of my past caminos for that. What I’m going to do instead is write a little sales pitch for the town of Molinaseca, in my opinion, the most beautiful town on the camino.

Perhaps I’m always so happy to see it because it welcomes the sore pilgrim at the foot of the Leon mountain range you just spent two days crossing where many new blisters are formed due to two days of scrambling over rocks in trainers. These are the only two days of the Camino where it’s worth carrying hiking boots.

Here are some photos from today’s walk.

However, what I really want to do is convince my brother, who is looking to move to Spain, that Molinaseca may be the place for him and his wife!

#1 – Molinaseca is gorgeous!

#2 – Molinaseca has 10 restaurant and 4 wine bars for 800 residents!

#3 – Molinaseca is in Bierzo – home to one of Spain’s best red wine regions!

#4 – It’s 6kms from Ponferrada – home of the knights Templar and a Major Spanish city!

#5 – Houses here are for sale from ā‚¬26k

#6 Molinaseca is dog friendly with a park and several restaurants allowing dogs!

#7 Molinaseca has a cool river running through it where people sunbath, fish and kayak.

#8 Molinaseca has the only living tree in the world with a buddha carved inside…

#9 Molinaseca is on the camino de Santiago which means you may get to see me!

#10 It’s 31c today!

#11 … bonus reason! This slide.

Maybe I’ll move here with the fam.

2 thoughts on “The case for Molinaseca

  1. Sold. Can you please send me ā‚¬26kšŸ˜€ Looks great will have to look at winter weather….. being next to a mountain range! I’ve had enough snow to last a lifetime, so I don’t want any more!
    Lots of love
    A&D ā™„ļø


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