Morgade to Ventas

It’s 78kms to Santiago and the end feels in sight. I’m not sure if I’ll finish in 3 days or 4 days but either way my flight back to London is on Tuesday and I have a hotel booked for Monday night in the centre of Santiago de Compostela.

This will be my seventh camino trip and as most know it will be my last for a while to come. I’m feeling a desire to go back home now. Most people who are out here are at a crossroads in life. They’ve either just divorced, or just retired or they’re dealing with the loss of someone – the camino calls the weak of heart, the unsure or the suffering, breaks them down a bit more and then builds them back up. However, I am just at the start of an exciting new chapter of my life with a new family just about to begin that I’m absolutely thrilled about. I knew it would be my last time on the road for a long time and would be a swan song but I’m missing my life back home and a big part of me yearns to be back.

Although maybe I needed that too. Maybe I needed to really understand how much I’m looking forward to this new chapter. To get myself in good shape mentally and physically for this next challenge. I suppose we are always where we are meant to be but right now, I miss my home and I miss my partner and my dog and cat and guinea pigs!

Today took me into Portomarin and although I’ve walked this path so many times there are 10km stretches that I had completely forgotten. I realised that I’ve only ever walked this section in the rain, eyes down, plodding on. That’s why it all seemed so new to me today.

Today was a fairly standard, nothing much happened 25kms. I’ve had a streaming nose throughout this camino since I got my cold 10 days ago. Yesterday I left my tissue in my shirt pocket so today’s washing is full of little balls of paper. Nice.

I’m staying at Casa Molar in Ventas. I’ve bagged a bottom bunk and all my washing is done for tomorrow. I’ve booked an Albergue 25kms away tomorrow in Melide, another lovely camino town that I often walk through but never stay in. I’ve made a point of trying to stay in between stages to mix up the experience.

I’m really very grateful for all my caminos. I’m so thrilled this walk, with all its infrastructure and camaraderie exists. It’s great to know I can come back here in tough times and it exists for anyone who needs it. I’m really looking forward to dragging my kids along it as soon as they’re old enough to walk! 😉

I still think you should do the walk Mum! Even if it’s just a few kms a day!

One thought on “Morgade to Ventas

  1. I wish I thought I could do it. If I had the time and money I’d like to give it a shot. I love the countryside and the peace, but whether I could do any of the hill/mountain climbing is another thing altogether. I live it vicariously through you. You’ll be pleased to know that we regularly leave a tissue in the washing. Even though we check all pockets and sleeves, somehow a rogue tissue gets through. I will be sorry when this Camino is over. I look forward so much to reading your daily blog. Xxx


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