Ventas to Melide

Another 26kms in the bag and now I’ve arrived at Melide, a sizeable camino town that intersects the Primitivo and the Frances. According to my Primitivo calculation I was supposed to be here last Friday – funny how plans change!

It’s a case of counting down the kms as now I’m at km 52. I’ve booked to stay in Santiago on Sunday and Monday night so will try to do 30km tomorrow leaving me an easy 22km to do on the Sunday morning.

I set off today at 7.30am after a round of cafe con lèche and tostada to another very chilly morning. Yet again I had to break out the fleece.

There wasn’t very much to report from the walk other than finding a dream combo of Toblerone and ice-cream half way through the day. The last 3kms into the city were via industrial parks and long straight roads that took their toll on the mind and the feet. Once into Melide I found my Albergue fairly quickly, it’s on the main camino route. I’m sharing the whole building with just two other pilgrims. Jenny, who I have walked with or bumped into on and off since Molinaseca and a young Guatemalan gentleman who has just walked into the town from the Primitivo.

All my washing is done and hung out, including my stinky fleece and I’ve already enjoyed a beer and an ice cream since arriving into town. Tonight the three of us plan to go and eat in the town. The special dish of the area is Pulpo ala Gallega – but I’m not sure I will partake today!

Tomorrow’s destination is not yet known. As I’ve done all my washing it is not important that I wash tomorrow as by the following day I will be in Santiago so can wash my clothes as needed in my own time.

That’s it! Nothing much happened. I am safe and sound and with just two of us in the room will sleep soundly. A good camino day.

One thought on “Ventas to Melide

  1. Haha, just an easy 22 Kms to walk on your last day. It would just about do for me. I hope vthe 30k isn’t too much for you. I would love to be in Santiago to see you and the pilgrims arrive. It must be such a thrill to get there after all that effort. So many memories to look back on. So much to look forward to.xxxx


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